Church History


First Antioch Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ was established in October, 1967, by the late Bishop William Clark and his wife Mother Susie Clark.

Services began in the home of one of the founding members, located at 337 Mechanics Avenue in East Trenton, and later took place in a beauty salon, owned by another founding member. Bishop Clark preached his sermons from a Coca-Cola box, which served as a the pulpit.

Over the course of one year, the Lord blessed and the church and its Sunday School grew in membership. In 1968, Bishop Clark purchased a vacant building which formerly was joint Laundromat and Dry Cleaners, located on the corner of Pennington Avenue and Frazier Street. The building was restored and turned into a church.

This was all a part of Godʼs plan.mother and pastor

In 1983 Bishop Clark had a vision to purchase a new building, and without hesitation, Bishop & Mother Clark sold their home to help with the cost. They purchased a building that was formerly a funeral home, with an apartment attached. The Clark family moved into their new residence atop the new church building, now located at 188 Pennington Avenue.

Over the years the congregation has grown, many members have come, gone and returned, and God has blessed, and continues to bless the First Antioch Church.

Our founder, the late Bishop William Clark started the work, followed by the late Elder N. Thompson, and now Elder Larry Fore continues to carry the torch lit so many years ago.

We can never forget the sacrifice of Bishop William and Mother Susie Clark, Deacon Ronald Clark, Deacon Lester and Mother Mary Scott, and the many members—past and present—of First Antioch Church.

Pastor Larry and Mother Stevi Fore and the First Antioch Church  – also known as The FAC – will continue following the plan God established with Bishop Clark, until the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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