FAC Prison Ministry


XX Sunday Morning-p10 dk

In partnership with the Juvenile Justice Commission of New Jersey, the FAC Prison Ministry serves the residents of the Johnstone Campus, located in Bordentown, NJ. Our primary purpose is to serve the teen residents with dignity and respect, and impact their lives with the love of Jesus. Through prayer, biblical teaching, and open dialogue, it is our desire to encourage, uplift and inspire hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Motivated by the love of God, our mission is to empower the young women and men we come in contact with, through the ministering of the Word of God. By equipping them with a biblical foundation and sharing our own life experiences with them, we hope they will in turn apply these principles to their own situations and make better decisions for their lives.

It is our belief and experience that the principles of the Bible are the only way to live with peace and spiritual freedom. We have experienced the love of Jesus Christ and the power of the Bible and we want to share our experiences with others.

To learn more about the FAC Prison Ministry, contact Minister Cheron Crowell at: firstantiochchurch@gmail.com

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